About Us

Our Mission
We share the UN's vision of promoting sustainable development in the poorest areas of this planet, as encoded in the Millennium Development
Goals.  In particular, we are working towards the goals to: 1) Eradicate extreme poverty, by helping those whose income is less than $1 US per day,
2) Achieve universal primary education, and 3) Increase access to safe drinking water.

Our target aid recipients are the hungry mothers and children that eat trash and live in garbage dumps in the cities of developing countries—        
The Unforgotten.  Our mission is to provide them with clean food and water, shelter, and a future. We provide microloans to the mothers to start
businesses, so that the families do not become dependent on our aid.  We enroll the children in primary school, and free
them of the burden of needing to earn money by selling scraps found in the trash.  And we provide weekly meal supplements, so the mothers and
children do not go hungry.

Our Name
The name "The UNforgotten" is intended to have a double meaning.  In the one sense, the organization shall aim to help the poor that have not
been forgotten.  In another sense, we are concerned that the UN has been forgotten, as it has not been given the resources needed to address the
multiple dimensions of global poverty.  We strive to partner with UN field agencies whenever possible.

How we use your donations
All donated funds go directly to projects.  Our charity is managed entirely by volunteers.  Our Board of Directors, including the Executive Director,
receive no compensation.  Our officers receive no compensation.

Our Board of Directors
Amit Kapadia (President)
William Wicker (Vice President)
Eeshaan Asaikar (Treasurer)
Ashwini Jog (Director)
Madina AlHarazim-Plummer (Director)
Bertha Tembo (Director)
Chang Long Hung (Director)
Vandana Naik (Director)
Ella Kent (Director)

India Country Office
Country Director: Dhriti Nayyar
Projects Manager: Mrunalini Pendse

Zambia Country Office
Country Director: Rabecca Musonda

Sierra Leone Country Office
Country Director: Amina Alharazim
Projects Manager: Sheku Seymour-Wilson
The UNForgotten Fund
Our Accomplishments

May 2007.  The UNForgotten Fund (UNFF) is founded in the USA, with headquarters in Maryland.  In the next two years Board members raise funds for projects, and hire in-country
staff to execute them.  

March 2009.  UNFF begins development of the first rainwater harvesting project in Wangni, India, in the state of Maharashtra.  Construction is completed in April 2010.  The stored
water now provides each of the 60 people in the area with 5 litres of safe and clean drinking water during the dry season.  The water harvesting system is operational to this day.

June 2009.  In coordination with KKPKP (a union of wastepickers, in Pune, India), UNFF begins the sponsorship of child wastepickers from the slums of Pune, India.  Initially, 15
children are enrolled when the school year begins.  Children stop wastepicking and attend school instead.  In June 2010, the program is expanded to 31 child wastepickers and  
the sponsorship of 33 primary school age girls at the Bal Shikshan Orphanage in Sangamner, India.

July 2010.  The UNForgotten Fund -- Zambia is registered in Lusaka, Zambia.  UNFF begins working closely with the Zambian Ministry of Community Development to identify water
projects and child wastepickers.  

January 2011.  UNFF begins support of child wastepickers, and their mothers, at the trash dump in Chingwere, Zambia.  Initially 13 children and 7 mothers, are supported.  As of
today, 28 children and 20 mothers are supported.

March 2011.  UNFF completes the installation of a borehole and handpump in Ngwerere, a community with a population of 7,000 in Zambia, Africa.  The beneficiaries include the
villagers of Ngwerere as well as travellers who come to the nearby health clinic and womens’ shelter (approximately 500 people per year).   

January 2012.  UNFF staff travel to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to plan a pilot-scale program to provide aid to child wastepickers and their mothers.  UNFF -- Sierra Leone is registered
in September 2013.

February 2012.  UNFF partners with a UK based charity, "Kabanana Care (Zambia) Trust" to create a water supply in Kabanana, Zambia, to benefit orphans affected with AIDS.  In
September 2012, UNFF and Kabanana Care Trust complete the installation of a water supply that serves 150 HIV/AIDS orphans and 300 people of the neighboring community.

May 2012.  UNFF signs a four-year contract with the Mapalo Trust School to create a "Center for the Unforgotten"  for enrolled UNFF children.

March 2013.  Dining for Women (DFW) selects The Unforgotten for a $41,100 grant, to provide aid to 100 mothers and 50 daughters presently surviving as wastepickers in Pune,
India.  Funds will be used to provide microloans and skills training for the mothers, and to pay for the educational expenses of the daughters.

June 2013.  20 mothers (2 Self Help Groups) from Panmala Vasahat (a wastepicker slum in Pune, India) begin a three-month long tailoring course.  10 girl children begin
receiving educational support.  Program will be scaled up over a two year period to 100 mothers and 50 daughters with DFW funding.

October 2013.  UNFF is DFW's featured charity of the month.  DFW members raise funds for The Unforgotten.
Our Technical Advisors                           
Anita Pandey (Education)
David Steckler (Geology and Water)   
Alex Machiya (Finance)
Kabanana Care (Zambia) Trust, United Kingdom (Treasurer, Ian Harrison)

Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Zambia
(District Community Development Officer, Ms. Mercy Daka)
US Country Office
Executive Director: Amit Kapadia
Public Relations Specialist: Geoffrey Seiler
Housing Specialist: Ashley Bratton
China Liasion: Chong Huang
Researcher: Robert Hemstreet
Correspondence Program: Stephen Steckler