The Unforgotten has begun work at the trashdumps in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Freetown has two
main dumpsites (referred to as Bomes in Sierra Leone), located on the east and west ends of the
city, the Kissy and King Tom Dumps, respectively.  
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Country Office:
13 Gharawani Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Projects Manager:
Sheku Seymour-Wilson
011 232 76603690

Our Sierra Leone Team was overwhelmed by
the numbers of mothers and girls that were
trying to get into our programs at the Kissy
and King Tom dumpsites during their visit in
January 2014.  We are presently going
through an interview and screening process,
trying to identify the most vulnerable.  We will
be starting our program with 20 girls and
their mothers in the programs.
We started construction of two small schoolrooms; one in each of the bomes.
 The communities are very energized, and helped with the construction.
We also brought on board two certified school teachers: Alimatu Jusu for the King Tom site
(sitting at the desk, on the left) and Francis Sesay (right) for the Kissy site.  We hired a local
carpenter (who also lives in the bome) to build the chairs and desks, and will be hiring two
certified cooks to prepare meals for the children and their mothers.  Our goal is to prepare the
girls to enter primary school in the fall of 2014 – we will be using these facilities to tutor the
children (it will be a bridge program).

Director, Board: Madina Alharazim
Director, Board: Aminata Alharazim
Projects Manager: Sheku Seymour-Wilson
Teacher: Francis Sesay
Teacher: Alimatu Jusu
Field Worker: Huratulai Bah
Kissy Teacher, Mr. Francis Sesay and Field Assistant,
Ms. Huratulai Bah distributing the UNFF uniforms, shoes,
school supplies, book-bags, and textbooks to each girl.
Projects Manager Sheku Seymour-Wilson (center), and our team in
Sierra Leone, organized a parent-teacher conference at our newly
constructed school.
King Tom teacher, Ms. Alimatu Jusu discussing the program's
requirements with mothers and their daughters.
The Unforgotten